Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of our frequently asked questions.  If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

1.  What is an independent agent?  

An independent insurance agent has access to multiple insurance companies so we can offer you a variety of coverage choices and help you customize a plan that provides you appropriate protection.
2.  What are the benefits of working with an independent agent vs a direct writing agent? 

You will get an unbiased advocate.  An independent agent represents you, the client, and NOT the insurance company.
You will get independent advice on:

  • Whether or not you should make a claim
  • Potential repercussion of the claim if you submit it
  • Managing claims you need to make
  • Intervention with adjusters or managers if needed
  • Clout with carriers. Your independent agent can leverage their business for your benefit
  • Ability to switch carriers for better coverage without the hassle

3.  What is personal risk management?

A highly structured approach to establishing a comprehensive personal asset protection program.  Personal Risk Management proactively evaluates risk and creates insurance programs to protect a client’s personal assets and liability such as homes, autos, boats, etc.

4. What are the Benefits of Personal Risk Management:

  • Identify your exposure to risk
  • Discovery of potential risk exposures
  • Reduce risk exposures/coverage gaps to protect assets
  • Exploration of solutions to cover gaps
  • Time savings
  • You are relieved of the burden of spending your valuable time shopping for insurance
  • Expertise
  • Advice on the most efficient programs to protect wealth

5.  Why is a personal risk management review important to your financial security?

PCG Agencies, Inc. understands the fact that consumers have very few options available with respects to personal risk management.  We view Personal Risk Management as an essential part of protecting you and your family from catastrophic economic loss.  Understanding your exposure to loss and covering yourself appropriately will, in the long run, decrease your risk of financial loss as well as save you money on premium. 

6.  What should you expect when your PCG agent conducts your personal risk management review?

Our personal risk managers will provide you with a thorough analysis, comparison and understanding of your current insurance program. They will gather information, analyze where you may have potential risk exposures or gaps in coverage and provide you with solutions to properly protect yourself.

You will receive a comprehensive written summary with recommendations that identifies potential risk and provides options to reduce your exposure and correctly structure your insurance portfolio.

An easy to read comparison that advises you of the policy differences from company to company so you can make an informed decision in your purchase of insurance.

A premium comparison detailing the current premiums, comparison premiums and premium based on the recommendations.

7.  What can you expect as a PCG customer?
Our purpose is to bring you an exceptional customer experience.

Concierge level service with ongoing attention to your changing risk profile:

  • Annual personal risk reviews
  • Identification of new credits that may reduce premiums
  • Assessment of  the marketplace to assure the current insurance program provides the broadest and most appropriate coverage available 
  • Advice on industry changes that may affect your risk management.

Our goal is to provide you with the best coverage at the best premium at every renewal and that is how we create Customers For Life!   

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