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PCG Agencies, Inc.
Phone Number (651) 605-2777
Fax Number (651) 605-2778
119 14th Street NW Suite 300
St. Paul, MN 55112

Employee Directory

Find e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of PCG Agencies, Inc. employees.

Amanda Chancellor
Click here to contact Amanda Chancellor Producer Edina Realty Insurance

Office Number (651) 605-2749
Fax Number (651) 605-2750
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Amy Boudinot
Click here to contact Amy Boudinot Vice President of Administration

Office Number (612) 336-5308
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Andy Melcher
Click here to contact Andy Melcher Account Manager - MPIA

Office Number (651) 793-2305
Fax Number (651) 291-0227
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Angela Erickson
Click here to contact Angela Erickson Account Manager

Office Number (651) 605-2729
Fax Number (651) 605-2730
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Bridget Smith
Click here to contact Bridget Smith Insurance Operations Coordinator

Office Number (651) 605-2759
Fax Number (651) 605-2760
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Brittany Smith
Click here to contact Brittany Smith New Business Account Manager

Office Number (651) 605-2714
Fax Number (651) 605-2715
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Bruce Humphrey
Click here to contact Bruce Humphrey Senior Vice President

Office Number (651) 605-2700
Fax Number (651) 605-2701
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Cindi MacDonald, CIC, CISR
Click here to contact Cindi MacDonald, CIC, CISR Account Manager

Office Number (651) 605-2708
Fax Number (651) 605-2709
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Courtney Mottl
Click here to contact Courtney Mottl Account Manager

Office Number (651) 605-2731
Fax Number (651) 605-2732
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Craig Johnson
Click here to contact Craig Johnson Producer

Office Number (651) 605-2751
Fax Number (651) 605-2752
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Erin Humphrey
Click here to contact Erin Humphrey Marketing Specialist

Office Number (651) 605-2717
Fax Number (651) 605-2718
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Gerae Christensen-Carver
Click here to contact Gerae Christensen-Carver Account Manager - MPIA

Office Number (651) 793-2304
Fax Number (651) 291-0227
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Heidi Christensen
Click here to contact Heidi Christensen Producer Reece & Nichols Insurance

Office Number (913) 402-2551
Fax Number (913) 905-5120
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Jack Pickler, CIC
Click here to contact Jack Pickler, CIC Producer

Office Number (651) 605-2706
Fax Number (651) 605-2707
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James Wetherbee
Click here to contact James Wetherbee Producer Edina Realty Insurance

Office Number (651) 605-2710
Fax Number (651) 605-2711
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Jamie Lebakken
Click here to contact Jamie Lebakken Producer Edina Realty Insurance

Office Number (651) 605-2763
Fax Number (651) 605-2764
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Jane Hamel
Click here to contact Jane Hamel Account Manager

Office Number (651) 605-2704
Fax Number (651) 605-2705
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Jason Frank
Click here to contact Jason Frank Producer Edina Realty Insurance

Office Number (651) 605-2735
Fax Number (651) 605-2736
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Julie McCloskey, CISR
Click here to contact Julie McCloskey, CISR Senior Account Specialist

Office Number (651) 605-2737
Fax Number (651) 605-2738
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Kevin Ames
Click here to contact Kevin Ames Producer Edina Realty Insurance

Office Number (651) 605-2723
Fax Number (651) 605-2724
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Liz Okuku
Click here to contact Liz Okuku New Business Account Manager

Office Number (651) 605-2761
Fax Number (651) 605-2762
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Lori Scheel
Click here to contact Lori Scheel New Business Account Manager

Office Number (715) 766-2206
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Margi Brown
Click here to contact Margi Brown Vice President of Customer Service

Office Number (651) 605-2727
Fax Number (651) 605-2728
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Maria Tatum
Click here to contact Maria Tatum Account Manager

Office Number (651) 605-2725
Fax Number (651) 605-2726
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Melinda Kluck
Click here to contact Melinda Kluck Producer Reece & Nichols Insurance

Office Number (816) 251-1530
Fax Number (816) 798-3751
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Michelle Marquez, CIC, CPCU
Click here to contact Michelle Marquez, CIC, CPCU Vice President of Sales

Office Number (651) 605-2747
Fax Number (651) 605-2748
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Morgan Strohbehn
Click here to contact Morgan Strohbehn New Business Account Manager

Office Number (651) 605-2733
Fax Number (651) 605-2734
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Patti Meier, CIC
Click here to contact Patti Meier, CIC Signature Account Manager

Office Number (651) 605-2757
Fax Number (651) 605-2758
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Richard Anderson
Click here to contact Richard Anderson Producer

Office Number (952) 322-4729
Fax Number (651) 605-2716
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Rob Husnick
Click here to contact Rob Husnick Producer Edina Realty Insurance

Office Number (651) 605-2773
Fax Number (651) 605-2774
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Scott Teece
Click here to contact Scott Teece Producer Edina Realty Insurance

Office Number (651) 605-2721
Fax Number (651) 605-2722
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Tanya Joyce
Click here to contact Tanya Joyce Account Manager

Office Number (651) 605-2719
Fax Number (651) 605-2720
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Teresa Leung
Click here to contact Teresa Leung Producer HomeServices Insurance Agency

Office Number (818) 876-3113
Fax Number (818) 815-2775
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Tina Terrell
Click here to contact Tina Terrell Producer

Office Number (949) 215-9803
Fax Number (949) 382-6055
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Ty Davis
Click here to contact Ty Davis Producer Edina Realty Insurance

Office Number (651) 605-2765
Fax Number (651) 605-2766
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