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Auto Insurance Information

In most states, automobile insurance is compulsory by law.  Compulsory automobile insurance mandates that you cover your liability to others in case of an accident (bodily injury/property damage) and that you protect yourself from others in the case of an accident with someone who is either not carrying coverage, or is carrying inadequate limits (uninsured/underinsured motorist).

You can choose to add coverage to your policy which will cover your auto itself (comprehensive and collision which is usually mandated by a lessor or lien holder).

You can also choose coverage under and automobile policy for items such as towing costs, break-down, and rental reimbursement.

Automobile policies differ dramatically.  A PCG agent can walk you through your needs and find a policy that meets these needs.  The agent will be able to recommend the proper amount of compulsory coverages, as well as discuss the need for coverage on your own vehicle.  The agent will also recommend deductible levels, and will review other appropriate options.
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